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China bags develop foreground

  • Author:Bretty
  • Release on:2016-04-20

China bags develop foreground 

China luggage industry is still in early stages of development, which means that the future of China luggage industry has a huge development potential and space to a certain extent. China luggage industry started in China after the reform and opening up, and development is really fast after 1990. Overall, the history of China's luggage industry is still relatively short. Although in this short period of decades, China's manufacturing bags has been leaps and bounds, but overall, China luggage industry is still in early stages of development. From luggage design development, construction of channels to luggage, as well as brand building, are still in a very early stage. Bags capability of independent innovation R & D is not enough, the majority still remain in the imitation or even plagiarism stage. Channel construction is also more extensive, and there is no fundamental change in the wholesale distribution channels of large mode. Brands, especially truly influential brand still relatively small. Industry brand concentration is very low, most of the luggage companies within the industry are SMEs, relatively equal strength, the market share between the various brands compete for very intense, but also more competitive low-cost, low price, and there is not a truly market dominant brand.

Therefore, both from the macroeconomic environment point of view, or from thedevelopment of the industry point of view, the future of China luggage industry will usher in a golden period of development. 

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