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China Traditional Festival

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2017-03-28
Traditional festivals, is a nation or state historical and cultural process of accumulated condensate. Variety of Chinese traditional festivals, is an important part of China's long history and culture. From ancient people during the development of the Chinese traditional Festival clearly records the life of Chinese people rich and colorful culture.
Traditional Chinese Festival on new year's Eve (Eve), new year (the first day of the first month), Lantern (Lantern Festival), the Ching Ming Festival (April 5), the Dragon Boat Festival (lunar new year in early May five), Festival (lunar new year in early July for seven), the Mid-Autumn Festival (lunar calendar August 15), the Chung Yeung festival (lunar ninth day of September), the Laba Festival (lunar new year early December eight). 

In addition, China's ethnic minorities also have kept their traditional festivals, such as the water-splashing Festival of the Dai, Mongolian NADAM, the torch festival of the Yi nationality, Yao da nu, Bai's third month fair, Zhuang Tibetan Tibetan song Wei, and Wang Guo, Miao dance Flower Festival.

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