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Wallet Brief Overview and The History of Wallet

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-04-19
The wallet is a tiny, often pocket sized tool for storing cash and cards, and other small accessories such as fashion card holder, high quality coin purse , drivers licenses, identification cards, and other valuables such as these .Usually it is made from fabrics such as PU,Genuine leather, or synthetic plastics. 

Typically, wallets are associated with men, as most women carry a similar object known as a purse. However, in modern day society, many women now also carry wallets as they are smaller and  more convenient. Some women carry purses with new design Lady wallet tucked inside of them. 

Although the wallet was originally designed to carry around cash, in modern society they are more often used for carrying credit cards. With the advanced systems of banks and other money institutes, people feel that carrying around cash is often unnecessary. Some people still like to carry around change purses, which can be convenient for small purchases where using a credit card or bank card would be silly and wasteful.

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