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Bridle leather

  • Author:BELINDA
  • Release on:2020-04-01

Chinese name is horse bridle leather, the earliest use of harness supplies of leather, so also called harness leather, horse leather.

Its choice cut the head to go belly of high quality cowhide, tanning process is complex, and the vast majority of manufacturers are in the United Kingdom The wax grain on its surface is not brushed after tanning, but in the tanning process will be tanned into the leather, in the use of wax will continue to separate out, protect and nourish the leather, let the leather has been kept glossy texture. The high density and tough leather of bridle leather ensure its durability to a great extent. This kind of leather is usually used to do the outer skin of the # wallet#, Internal collocation is a bit of soft leather, That makes whole feels better.

According to the price, horse hip leather > horse bridle leather > plant tanned leather.

So far, Bridle Leather is one of the best available today.

Note that only the outer leather of the #wallet# is made of Bridle leather due to its high density and hard texture. All internal leather is soft cowhide, not Bridle.