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Best Birthday gift

  • Author:Bretty
  • Release on:2016-04-28

Best Birthday gift

On his birthday , a not rich girl send her boyfiend  a wallet in his usual brand as a gift, as the boy received many gifts from the girl, so he did not particularly care about, howver he is still very happy. And he throw away the old wallet and change to use the new wallet which girl send to him.While the romance between they two end one day. More than a year later,the boy suddenly found  in his wallet put a note, there is a girl handwritten note:

In case of emergency, please contact: xxxxx

Written by a girl's name and phone number.

The girl said: "I am most happy,it  is not he suddenly contact me; not he found this note ; I  even do not mind  being misunderstood finally understand ...... you know what that is?"

She looked down with a straw stirring the drink, sighed, and looked up at me: "I am most pleased that, after more than a year, he is still using this wallet I sent him." She laughed like a child with a hundred points. They  ultimately failed together.

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