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Beautiful love story

  • Author:Bretty
  • Release on:2016-04-27

Beautiful love story

It is a good time for a girl, appearance, character, family background, ability belong to the finest, natural pursuit by many persons.

And one day a suitor ask her to watch the movie, Afterwards the two  go to  different direction, independent girl has been reluctant to trouble others,  she insist to take a taxi, he ask her to send him a message whenshe arrive at home. Girl tell destination to the driver, the driver looked at the rearview mirror, a little meaning to say: "? The girl, the guy just chasing your child must be right."

Girl smile, counted answer.

The driver went on to say: "Yes the boy is good, he is pretty carefully." Girl could not help wondering it is very usual to send send a girl back home and send a massage .

The driver pretending to be mysterious Dayton meal: "Ha, you did not see, he secretly recorded my license  number after you get on my car.  he can not even get credit for this thing with you, I guess not. "

Girl quietly, when she arrive at the home,instead of a message,she called him, but he just said:. "Oh, That's good, you go to bed early."

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