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Bags and health

  • Author:LISA
  • Release on :2016-04-27

I always like to use big bag and in the bag I will put books, mounted umbrella, water, installed skin care products. There are so many things I put in the bag so my shoulder pain neck ache. Mom had bought me a small bag, but I use it very low frequency , I always feel it is not inconvenient to use it. Until shoulder pain, neck stiffness badly I have to see a doctor, the doctor said, the cervical spine is not good you should not take so many things. So I begin use more small bag. Since I walk more every day, although I have change a package, go for a shoulder still sore. Helpless, I go home to find out the small bag which I have a long time not use.It is not often used, or think they would use, but often do not have brought, which he will be omitted. It is no less than the small package, hand carry a shopping bag, so sore shoulders and neck pain than before alleviate many.

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