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Attention for buying genuine leather wallet

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2017-11-29
Purse, is a necessary personal belongings, not only to put money, often need carry important documents.When you took out the wallet, also shows your taste and temperament, then how to do buy the right wallet it?

Selecting a wallet, the most important thing is to choose match their own identity, but also reflect their own personality, the best wallet, we analyze from the following three points

1, Identify the leather signs tag.

2, Check whether the goods have logo, factory name site, certificate. Imported leather products should be Chinese.

A,When you choice wallet, should be consider style, quality, brand, if card slot enough , the interval, etc.

B, Compared with simple coin purse, set the key bag, purse in one style is more suitable for emphasis on practicality, you can put key, coins and other small items together.

The metals of a wallet, such as O- rings, buttons, key hooks and so on, shall be judged whether the gold-plated parts are intact. Generally, the copper products are less prone to rust and fade. Wallet should pay attention to the seams at close, but noted if too tight, it will pull the entire leather too tight, causing the rupture of wallet. Note that there are too many leather seams, the gap if too much, said the use of a number of different skins made, so a good wallet should avoid having too much seam surface.