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Are you a fast food restaurant owner ? Your bag will tell us !

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on :2016-05-02

Finally coming to the end of the work, its also the dinner time, nearby our company the restaurants are everywhere, is almost 50 meters you can find a restaurant, at a restaurant I called a chicken stew rice, when I eat up I want to pay the money and go to home, because dim lighting, what I can see is that the entrance is sitting a young woman .because I focus on the phone, did not look carefully ,I give her 20 RMB, she did not reacted ,quickly the side of the middle-aged women laughing and took the money, this time I wake up, I found that I have make a mistake the women who waiting for food is mistaken the restaurant boss by me. You want to become a restaurant owner (cashier) or white collar, you choose it, if you need to change your bag and do not be too hard to myself.

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