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And why the fall, how prone to melancholy mood?

  • Author:Dora
  • Release on:2016-10-26

In autumn, it becomes somewhere melancholy mood year in and year out. In particular, such as dusk earthenware, also feel more loneliness is raise. This I why wonder. Autumn climate will also affect the heart. "There are likely to also image itself relationship of each season, in the physical aspect, in addition to temperature and the fall is gradually decreased, and believed to have also affected, such as reducing the duration of sunshine. Sunshine time of length and temperature is the one that is also affects the mind as well as experience. "

"In addition, in the fall there is also an image, such as" the period of creatures to prepare for the winter. "

Because for the living creatures also said that the preparations for winter = preparation period of hibernation (dormant), that the fall from the summer, begin to feel in the skin that winter approaches. It is, I think we would make it the somewhat lonely feeling. "

"What is over" feeling that is awakened unconsciously at dusk

Dusk earthenware and, although rest is finished are many who will feel something similar to, such as around the end of the weekend, these as well, "something is finished" sense "will end a fun time" is unconsciously likely to be considered that there is a high possibility that has been called cause.

Such a fall of melancholy is, to reduce the loneliness is, moderate exercise and, Toka I recommend the corresponding ingenuity to the decrease of the temperature change and sunshine time. Nonetheless, it falls of the languishing of and bleakness, but it is something surprisingly comfortable with.

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