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  • Author:Cara
  • Release on:2018-01-12
Aniline leather is not going to have any of that schmancy finish spoil its natural beauty. This leather comes to you as is, unclad in its naked leather glory like Michaelangelo’s David in hide form. This is leather in its most natural state after being tanned and prepared. Very few full grain leathers are generally deemed worthy to be put out to market unfinished, and those that you will find tend to be more expensive. So you’ll want to treat your aniline leather like the investment it is, because this thing is super absorbent, and stains quickly (happily, scratches are much easier to rub out). There are a few defining characteristics you can use to identify aniline leather:

1.Natural, almost coarse texture underneath the finger – may lighten in color when pressed hard, but color will return when smoothed out again.

2.Possesses natural leather scents and aesthetic: grainy, with spontaneous patterns and non-uniform appearance. Marks and traits that were visible on the animal while alive are most easily seen with this leather.

3.Fluids will absorb instantaneously. Scratches can usually rub out. Very breathable leather; if full grain, pores are most visible.

4.More flexible and supple than finished leather, feeling slimmer without the plastic layering. Leather can display wrinkles when furled.

5.Colors richer and deeper, less artificial and opaque looking. Patinas frequently and more easily. Dyes may fade under prolonged exposure to sunlight, and the leather will not shine under light unless waxed.