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A way to take advantage of the stock materials.

  • Author:Belinda
  • Release on:2016-04-28

Sunteam is a High quality PU wallet Manufacturer and Fashion leather handbag manufacturer. 

Our factory is in Dhaka,Bangladesh. In our factory, each week there will be a routine meeting among the management staff. In last weeks routine meeting, the warehouse director proposed that we should find a way to improve the way dealing with the stock material left from the customer orders. In previous time , we just sold this kind of stock material to the rubbish collector in extremely low price. It is a huge waste. Our direct manager thought it was a great propose. He asked every one of us to present our suggestion to look for a better way to deal with the stock materials. 

After discussion, we decided to produce some designs of bags and wallets. And using the stock material to produce. Then we put the bags and wallets in online shop to sell. 

After the meeting, Sales department was going to register a ID on online shop. The design department was getting down to design some popular styles of PU lady handbag, leather lady wallet, leather mans handbag and wallet. The purchase department purchased materials from market. Sample room open paper mould.

 In this way, not only solving the problem of our stock materials.But also expend out business.

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