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A special day of May 20th

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-05-21
Not only in China ,we believe that in many countries the May 20th is a special day for lover,means I love you .On that day many couples went to civil administration to apply marriage licenses.

Here one of our colleague also get the marriage certificate on May 20th ,it is reall a great day and happy for the new couple. How they moved in together in one year,the reason is because our wallet.Our company as  HUBEI  INTERNATIONAL TRADE ASSOCIATION OF ELECTRONIC ASSOCIATION STANDING COUNCIL UNIT,we will send some high quality leather wallets to the association when we have the year-end party as gifts.Because of one year party and the wallet gift ,our colleague met her Mr. right. Nobody can image that a wallet can make two stranger together.However all of our company people send their best wishes to new couple .

The next day ,our colleague bring delicous candy to the office to share the happness together.Maybe one day ,other people also will have the similar happy marriage because of other small reason .Sunteam wish all of you will find your right other one.

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