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A fair review of President Obama’s legacy

  • Author:Dora
  • Release on:2017-01-12
US President Barack Obama delivered his farewell speech on Tuesday evening local time, giving the most comprehensive as well as the highest rated report of his achievements as president in the past eight years.

Most of these accomplishments were filled with controversies, except for one thing - US economic performance was better than other major Western nations, which can be supported by statistics. The country's GDP per capita increased, the unemployment rate dropped, and its stock market witnessed the longest bull run in history.

However, the gap in income distribution is growing larger, its citizens are feeling little sense of accomplishment.

Meanwhile, discussions are increasing among the middle class, who feel they are slipping into poverty. The fact that people generally do not have a sense of well-being provided US President-elect Donald Trump with an opportunity to win the election.

The things Obama views as his biggest political legacies, including Obamacare, will likely be abolished by Trump. In the end, Obama might leave nothing and every trace of him in the White House might be wiped clean. But we can still find some merits in him. He has devoted himself to domestic reforms such as the Affordable Care Act and gun control, but he also faces a number of constraints. At least he tried.

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