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A bite of tea cost 48 RMB

  • Author:Bretty
  • Release on:2016-04-11

There is a news that two Japan students travel in Shanghai, and they are persuade to drinking tea at a tea bar by a cheater. When they finished the drinking and pay the money, they are told that the tea is 48RMB per bite, there totally cost 2100RMB, but the money in their genuine leather wallet is not enough to pay these cost, so they are forced to surrender their men leather wallet , and the total amount is 1000RMB. How expensive it it!

     After the accident, the two student called the police and finally their money was returned. And also the leather wallet is returned.

     As a Chinese people, I think the cheater s behavior is ve ry shameful. We should respect the foreign friends, give them warm as they are at home.they come to China, because they love China,and there are some place appealing them. We should give them as much help as we can.if everyone can give warm to others, the society will be in a peace.