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On the way to home

  • Auteur:lisa
  • Relâchez le:2016-05-14

119th Canton fair came to the finish, there are a lot of people are interested in our sunteam s' wallet in this Canton fair,they like our good quality and design.

 But the return way is very rough, first is the staff of the same set who make a mistake,we choose 8oclock airplane ,but he let us to take 10oclock airplane .through negotiation with him, he finally promised us help us to change the a result, time is changed, we still wait until 12pm o 'clock on the airport.

From seven oclock to wait until twelve o 'clock is very long and boring, I got so sleepy several times at that time.suitcase is already checked and the staff will keep for us, but there are still have a few bag, so I should not sleep,because I afraid things stolen. Luckily, a friend chat with me until I get on the plane, although is through mobile phone, but I still feel the mood become calm. sometimes friendship is like that.

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