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Leather introduction from Sunteam

  • Auteur:Lily
  • Relâchez le:2016-05-06
Wuhan Sunteam is a professional manufacturer of leather goods,the main product are genuine leather wallet and leather handbag. We have our own tannery ,and we already developed many different kinds of leather ,also we developed different color of each leather to meet clients different needs.

Nowadays ,we already developed around more than a dozen leathers,divided to full grain leather、split leather and PU leather, the most expensive is full grain leather ,then the split leather ,the PU leather is cheapest.As for our company ,our main leather is full grain and split leather.Leather Type are Cow ,Calf,Sheep,Nappa/All Kinds of Leather,we also can make new leather according to client requirment. Below show you several our hot sale leather's picture:ALBALUX、SAMIA、SAAFFIANO、MASTRO、HAIR CELL.

No matter old employees or new employees ,both we need study the leather knowledge,we learn from below 3 points.
1.Touch-touch the leather with your hand,if you can feel smooth、soft、plump and elastic,then it is genuine leather,and for the PU leather
always feel gard and the softness is poor.
2.Watch-genuine leather have clear pores,decorative pattern.Cow leather has the symmetry of the pores, yak skin has the thick and thin pores.
3.Smell-genuine leather have leather smell but the PU leather just have strong plastic smell.

If you want know more about our leather ,warmly welcome you to contact us ,we will introduce you more information.

Tel:86 2785570058