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Cooperated with famous brand LIU.JO

  • Auteur:Lily
  • Relâchez le:2016-05-13
Recent years after our company improve and be stronger ,also with our colleague follow constantly for almost one year , we have opportunite to cooperated with Italian famous brand LIU.JO.It is really a big challenge for us not only the quality also the on time delivery.

At the begining ,we send many emails and call for try to have a chance to start business with them.The most pleasure thing is we received dozens of samples for quotation ,this is the first step for both of us to cooperate.Unfortunate our price is not very attractive or other reason ,we don't have chance to make sample.But we still not give up ,through us very hard-working ,we receipt some chance to make sample for LIU.JO.This is the actually first step for us to do business .

As regular ,we received so many sample reuqest and they are all used for salesman sample,the bulk production quatity is base on the effectiveness of the salesman sample,if sales more the bulk quantity will be more.Fortunately,one collection sales really well in market and means we got a large quantity order.Also we get some small order for other group.This time ,we almost focus on ,wish we can finish the first order smooth and on time.

There are a lot of problems coming make us anxious but it never change our purpose to make better and better.After all of our effort ,we finally give our client high quality and on time delivery goods.We also cooperated with many other clients especially Japan client,if you want start with us ,please no hesitated to contact us.

Tel:86 2785570058