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China Pollution: Killer Smog Disperses But Haze Of Recrimination Remains

  • Auteur:Yoyo liu
  • Relâchez le:2017-01-16
SHANGHAI -- Residents of Beijing and other parts of northern China were literally breathing a sigh of relief Wednesday, after a cold front and strong winds blew away choking smog that had enveloped the region for about five days. But a haze of recrimination remained, with citizens criticizing authorities and government departments blaming each other for pollution that reached over 30 times the World Health Organization's safe levels Monday.

More than 23 cities in northern China had readings of PM2.5 fine particles over 200 -- categorized as “seriously polluted” in recent days -- with readings in Beijing hitting what state media called an "astonishing" level of 900 Monday, and more than 700 Tuesday, in the latest example of the Chinese capital’s periodic winter “airpocalypse.” (The WHO says any reading over 25 is unhealthy, though China’s official standard is set higher.) Pollution over 500 is officially classified as off the top end of the scale on some monitoring devices.

By Wednesday morning the reading was down to 10 in some parts of Beijing, and one resident posted on social media: "I’ve never been happier to hear sound of winter wind," while many posted pictures of blue skies and pollution index readings.

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