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Choosing the Right Wallet for Men

  • Autor:Zoe
  • Fuente:wwww.walletamazon.com
  • Suelte el:2018-06-26
1.Choose a slim wallet
magine yourself at a meeting and after an awesome presentation, you want to hand out your business cards to your new prospects. Do you take out a bulky wallet or confidently pull out a slim sleek one?

No matter where you are, pulling out a wallet that does not befit your status is very embarrassing for any man. Bulky wallets are never looked at in a good way. That is why a slim wallet with different slots for your cards and cash are a sharper, clean look that will make you look more organized.

2.If you’re cashless, choose a card holder
For men who do not like to carry cash around, a cardholder is the best choice. It’s actually the new kid on the block and a trendy way to take minimalism to the next level. Choose a card holder that has many storage slots to help you organize your cards properly. Consider the trimmings to add a serious look that will go well with your style.

Choosing a cardholder does not mean that you should pick just any mono slot product with a boring look. Cardholders now come in classy designs. There are cardholders with metallic edges, full-grain leather, or a mix of metal and leather. These types of card holders give you an exotic appearance. My advice is not to go for a full metal cardholder as it is bulky and will be too blingy for the eyes.