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How to distinguish the full grain genuine leather and split leather?

  • Autor:Zoe
  • Quelle:www.walletamazon.com
  • Lassen Sie auf:2017-04-23
1. What is the full grain genuine leather? 
"Genuine leather" is a common word in the leather goods market, peope want to distinguish synthetic leather and a habit of natural leather. In the minds of consumers, "genuine leather" also has the meaning of the false. It is mainly processed by the animal's skin. Leather has a variety, different structure, different quality, and different prices. Therefore, the leather is all natural leather collectively known as a vague identity, it is also a commodity in market. According to level classification, can be divided into and full grain leather and split leather. According to the physiological view, any animal skin has hair, epidermis and the dermis. Due to the small reticular fiber bundle is contained in leather, so all have considerable strength and permeability.The raw material is animal skin leather, although we are living in one of the most common is pigskin, cowhide, sheepskin, but in fact most of the skins of animals are can be used in leather making. Just cow leather, pigskin, sheep leather with good quality and large output, is the main raw materials for leather-making.

2. what is the split leather? What are the characteristics? 
If distinguish leather according to raw materials, includes cow split leather and pig split leather. Split skin is thick skin with a piece of leather machine and cutting layer, full grain leather is used to do the corrected grain, after finishing or sticker on the second floor made of split leather series, such as process, which make the leather surface presents all kinds of colors, a variety of decorative pattern, and does not lose the advantages of leather, breathable, folding, in appearance and waterproof performance in its own way.. 
Split leather characteristics: its opposite is the second floor of the cowhide leather, on the surface coated with a layer of PU resin, so also known as the paster cowhide.The price is cheap, high utilization rate.It along with the change of technology has also made various grades of varieties, such as high quality leather on the second floor, because of unique technology, stable quality, innovative varieties, for the current high-grade leather, price and grade as the first layer leather.

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